Together with a group of doctors and medical students, Dr. Convit begins testing several drugs and the use of BCG to treat leprosy. With a combination of these drugs they are able to cure a group of patients, which leads them to one of their biggest successes: they prove to the world that “leprosy is curable”. These experiences and other complementary studies on the characterization of the Mycobacterium leprae, drives him to firmly request the closure of the leprosariums. As a result, Venezuela becomes the first country to close these centers and no longer confine leprosy patients. In 1960 the World Health Organization (WHO) commissions Dr. Convit to execute a drug development and surveillance program for the treatment of several parasitic diseases, and to precede the Cooperative Center for Drug Evaluation in the Americas.
At the same time and with the support of his laboratory team, advances in his research studies to describe the clinical, immunological and parasitological aspects of leishmaniasis, to define the disease’s clinical spectrum.

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