1972. Develops the CCB test (Competency in Clearing Bacilli test) and describes its correlation with the clinical aspects according to the immune response of the patient. Additionally, he tests intradermal injections of the Mycobacterium leprae in combination with BCG and observes that the local immune response activates.
1974. Confirms the presence of the mycobacteria in the Armadillo (Dasypus sabanicola) and identifies it as the same one isolated from the lesions of leprosy patients. This leads to a successful culture of the bacteria and the final production of an effective specific immunotherapy (vaccine) to treat leprosy using the isolated bacteria in combination with BCG.
At the same time, Dr. Convit describes the similarities between leprosy and leishmaniasis according to the clinical, immunological and pathological aspects, a key feature that leads him to a further proposal of a therapeutic vaccine against leishmaniasis.
1978. Defines the final prospect of a vaccine against leprosy; and publishes his ideas and promising results.
1979. Studies with leprosy patients give clinical evidences of a favorable immune response when injecting them intradermal with a mix of Mycobacterium leprae and BCG.
1980. Vaccine against leprosy.

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