2002. Dr. Convit becomes interested in cancer, one of the most dramatic diseases of the moment. He performs research on the available data of this disease, concentrates on breast cancer as one of the most common types and realizes that this disease shares some immunological similarities with the development of leprosy and Cutaneous Leishmaniasis. He identifies a diminished immunological response against the cancer cells and starts his first research studies on a proposed personalized immunotherapy against breast cancer, based on previous experiences with leprosy and leishmaniasis.
2006. Presents a formal proposal of a personalized breast cancer immunotherapy (therapeutic vaccine) with his publication “Development of an auto-vaccine + BCG and its possible application in cancer treatments” in Venezuela’s national scientific journal, Gaceta Médica de Caracas. This immunotherapy uses autologous tumor cells in combination with BCG and low concentrations of formalin.
2008-2010. Considers fundamental pathological factors of the disease to study the effectiveness of the therapeutic vaccine in the treatment of patients with breast cancer, and proposes to carry out a pilot study to evaluate the efficacy of the cancer vaccine in patients with advanced stage. Shortly after, with the support of local renowned oncologists, they recruit a small group of female patients and perform the study.

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