JCWO’s philosophy is based on Dr. Convit’s ideals and humanistic approach to develop treatments that are accessible for the underprivileged population, especially in poorer countries. Dr. Convit, although a man of science, had a profound humanist approach tied to his work. He dedicated himself to curing the most feared diseases such as leprosy, leishmaniasis, among other tropical endemic diseases, and cancer; never leaving behind the important meaning of truly caring about the patient as a human being. He devoted himself to train new generations of professionals and build multidisciplinary teams, as he was a strong believer in the beneficial impact of educating the new generations, and the success of team efforts over individual work.

The desire to help the most vulnerable, be useful to others and work to build a stronger society, are some of the values that have inspired JCWO since its inception, acknowledging the patient’s needs and directing our efforts to help especially the underprivileged populations. We believe that a society is stronger when all its people have access to a good healthcare system, including early and precise diagnosis, and adequate treatments. With the support of multiple institutions and individuals, we can contribute to providing better healthcare solutions to those who lack this opportunity.

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