Although a man of science, Dr. Convit always had a profound humanist approach tied to his work. He dedicated himself to curing the most feared diseases such as leprosy, leishmaniasis, and cancer; never leaving behind the important meaning of truly caring about the patient’s general (physical and psychological) condition.

He devoted himself to educate and work in team groups, as he was a strong believer of the importance of training new generations and the success of team-work efforts over individual efforts. 

We have focused our efforts on cancer research through the development of Dr. Convit’s vaccine, and also contributing with a better healthcare for diseases that are endemic in the region. As JCWO’s philosophy is based on Dr. Convit’s ideals and humanistic approach, we acknowledge the patient’s needs and offer our services at no cost for patients, to help especially the underprivileged populations.

We believe that together with the support of multiple institutions and individuals, we can help deliver better healthcare solutions to those that do not have access to adequate services. As Dr. Convit accurately said, “we need to do science at the service of society”