Immunotherapy Treatments

Since early in his career, Dr. Convit believed in the body’s ability to contribute to the healing process of a disease. In this sense, he managed to discover during his own first experiences that Leprosy was related to an immune status of the patient, which led him to develop a vaccine for this disease; but more notably to end with the dramatic exclusion of these patients and allow them to have a normal life with their families and loved ones.

He further developed a vaccine to treat localized cutaneous Leishmaniasis, an endemic disease in many rural areas of tropical countries. Dr. Convit constantly searched for the best way to boost the patient’s own immune system to combat a disease, and during his last years of life, he proposed an immunotherapy for breast cancer treatment. Surprisingly, many years later, immunotherapies became globally accepted as the most promising cancer treatment of our times, demonstrating that Dr. Convit’s concept and ideas were very much ahead in time.

JCWO promotes research and development of new cancer immunotherapies. Currently, our team is focused on advancing a personalized immunotherapy for breast cancer, designed by Dr. Convit during his last years of life. This immunotherapy has demonstrated satisfactory antitumor results and low occurrence of side effects in a pilot human study, as well as in an experimental pre-clinical study in mice. The protocol for this immunotherapy has a simple and low-cost preparation method, which makes it accessible for most patients.

We aim to make our treatment available free of cost to all patients that can benefit from it. Additionally, we contribute to the delivery of a first class diagnostic service for pediatric cancer and other infectious diseases in developing countries, beginning with Venezuela.