Our mission is to give access to better healthcare solutions to those who need it the most, while training the new generations

Cancer Immunotherapy

We promote research and development of new cancer immunotherapies

Molecular Diagnostics

Support molecular diagnosis for chronic and infectious diseases such as cancer and HIV

About Us

Inspired in the vision of creating social impact through science, the Jacinto Convit World Organization has a multidisciplinary team of professionals that work with commitment, communication and diversity of capabilities to help those that need it the most and make a positive impact in our society

Press Room

  • Science Series #12: COVID-19 Vaccines

    COVID-19 vaccines allow the immune system to develop antibodies against the virus prior to coming in contact with the illness. Vaccination exposes the body to infectious foreign antigens, which are the spike proteins of the SARS-CoV-2 that lead to the onset of antibody production and immune system activation.
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