JCWO is entirely connected to the life and work of Dr. Jacinto Convit (1913-2014), and therefore named after him. Dr. Convit was a renowned physician, scientist, and humanist, who helped millions worldwide with his medical studies and resulting interventions along his lengthy career of more than 70 years. He is considered among the most influential physicians in history, according to Medscape. In life, he was awarded with Spain’s Prince of Asturias prize, France’s Legion of Honor, and Hero of Public Health by the World Health Organization, among many other awards, and was nominated for the Nobel Prize in the late 80’s. Dr. Convit worked mainly on infectious diseases, and he dedicated many years to the public health system in Venezuela working with Leprosy. In 1960, together with other colleagues, he incorporated an NGO named Asociación Civil para la Investigación Dermatológica (ACID). This organization was a national dermatology healthcare network with the main objective of controlling leprosy within the national territory, and it was internationally recognized by important dermatology centers. Throughout the following years, as Dr. Convit got involved in research of other dermatological diseases, such as Leishmaniasis, this network became the media for epidemiological supervision of various tropical diseases throughout the region, more strongly in hyper-endemic areas.

During his last years of active research, Dr. Convit began his work in cancer, as he saw in this disease an immunosuppressive behavior similar to that in Leprosy and Leishmaniasis. In 2010, aiming to take up with this last scientific effort and support the continuity of this research, the “Asociación Civil para el Desarrollo de la Inmunoterapia de Cáncer” (Asoinmunocáncer) was founded. Shortly after in 2012, ACID and Asoinmunocáncer were absorbed by Fundación Jacinto Convit (FJC), a non-profit organization created to be the main local organization to preserve, protect and continue Dr. Convit’s legacy, consolidating all of his scientific efforts.

As FJC was fully consolidated and its work and impact began growing locally, in 2014 the Jacinto Convit World Organization, Inc (JCWO) was incorporated to globally promote Dr. Convit´s scientific and humanist legacy, as well as to support the programs carried out by FJC in the area of cancer; particularly in the development and promotion of Dr. Convit’s cancer immunotherapy.