About us

The Jacinto Convit World Organization (JCWO) is a U.S. nonprofit and non-governmental organization founded in 2014 under the laws of California, that supports vital areas of public health, such as cancer and infectious diseases in developing countries. JCWO focal points are research and diagnostic of illnesses, as well as training of new professionals, via three high impact programs: Cancer Immunotherapy, Molecular Diagnostics and Internship.

Our Goals

  • Promote doctor Convit’s scientific and human legacy throughout the world
  • Execute clinical trials using ConvitVax, with the aim of making this low-cost, potentially effective and personalized treatment available to patients who cannot access high-cost therapies
  • Improve the quality of life and survival rate of patients in poor developing countries by giving them access to health related services and treatments
  • Provide students and professionals training opportunities and participation in highly challenging projects in various fields
  • Build international collaborative networks to perform new research and educational projects that increase JCWO´s impact in communities

For more information on the organization, see JCWO’s Annual Reports and Financials.

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