About us

The Jacinto Convit  World Organization is a U.S. nonprofit and non-governmental organization that contributes globally, through scientific and educational programs, to specific areas of public health, such as cancer and endemic diseases. Our current biggest efforts are focused on the complete development of a breast cancer immunotherapy designed by Dr. Convit during his last years of life.

For this, we aim to make this treatment available free of cost to all patients that can benefit from it. Additionally, we contribute to the delivery of a first class diagnostic service for pediatric cancer and other infectious diseases in developing countries, beginning with Venezuela.

Our Goals

  • Serve as a platform to preserve, promote, and continue Dr. Convit’s legacy through scientific, educational, and social programs.
  • Extend Dr. Convit’s cancer immunotherapy protocol to clinics, laboratories and other health related institutions, for the benefit of their patients.
  • Perform clinical trials with Dr. Convit’s cancer immunotherapy. Build collaborative networks with health and research centers, academia, NGOs and multilaterals across America and Europe.
  • Project at a global scale, part of the work that is being conducted in Venezuela, by our local organization, Fundación Jacinto Convit.