About us

The Jacinto Convit  World Organization is a U.S. nonprofit and non-governmental organization incorporated in 2014, that contributes primarily to important areas of public health, such as cancer and endemic infectious diseases in developing countries with poor health conditions. 

JCWO focuses on cancer research and currently develops autologous therapeutic vaccine for breast cancer, ConvitVax, designed by Dr. Convit during his last years of life. The efficacy of this vaccine, its simple preparation method, low-cost of production, and safety profile, makes it a promising and accessible treatment for low income countries. This therapy is targeted to underprivileged patients who have very little or no access to new cancer treatments and in some cases to standard of care treatments.

Our Goals

  • Execute clinical trials using Dr. Convit’s immunotherapy (ConvitVax), with the aim of making this immunotherapy available as a standard sole treatment or in combination with other therapies.
  • Build collaborative networks with international organizations, hospitals, academia and multilaterals to perform and help sustain the execution of the clinical trials and further scientific research.
  • Support the expansion of a cost-free molecular diagnostic service for cancer, provided by our sister organization FJC in Venezuela, to other patients in the Latin-American region.
  • Create high social impact in third world countries by giving access to cancer-related health services and treatments to underprivileged patients, especially in places where public health conditions are highly deficient.
  • Serve as a platform to preserve, promote and continue Dr. Convit’s legacy through scientific, educational, and social programs.