A source of inspiration for students around the world

The need for students to be able to empathize with others, value diverse perspectives and cultures, understand how events are interconnected, and solve problems that transcend borders, has never been greater. Through the Internship program, JCWO promotes the legacy of Dr. Convit to inspire young people around the world with a humanistic approach to life and social values that encourage to serve those who are most vulnerable in society, for a better world.

A public health hero

From this legacy, stands out the fact that Dr. Convit was a humanist scientist and physician who worked tirelessly for the integrity and healing of the most underserved populations, mainly in what he referred to as “forgotten” villages and communities. His discoveries and treatments for some of the most fearful diseases, the dedication to serve the most stigmatized patients in society, a lifetime of public service without charging those who suffer, his profound sensitivity, humbleness and love for others, made him a popular public health hero, named as such by the World Health Organization.

Role model for the new generations

Dr. Convit pursued science as a social tool to benefit the mass population and insisted that we need to do science at the service of society. He developed relevant institutions dedicated to healthcare and research, and focused intensively on the training of new generations as a fundamental aspect to increase human capabilities and the development of nations. Based on this philosophy, JCWO created the Internship program, targeted to young and proactive students from all over the world who are interested in making a difference through diverse disciplines, inspired by a universal legacy of values, principles and work benefitting the most in need.

Remarkable values

Dr. Convit left many stories and teachings that will remain alive throughout time. Here is a list of the most remarkable values highlighted by our interns:

  • Kindness and altruism, as he was willing to help those who needed it most without asking for anything in return.
  • Wisdom and curiosity, as he was a firm believer that education is fundamental to the evolution of society.
  • Dedication and perseverance, as he was constantly looking for ways to move forward with new projects to impact the lives of many people.
  • Empathy and sensitivity, as he was deeply concerned about the situation of patients affected by diseases that seemed to be untreatable.
  • Respect and dignity, as he was a very formal man who treated each person properly, regardless of his economic, social or cultural situation.
  • Integrity and honesty, as he was always truthful and sincere in his words, actions and thoughts, and aimed to do things the right way.
  • Audacity and leadership, as he was ready to take the lead when facing new challenges with his teams.

A better society

Values are the most fundamental beliefs a person can have. They help to determine what a person prioritizes and how they impact their community. Understanding this can help one become more prepared to make decisions and live in harmony with others around you. Through love, understanding and determination, Dr. Convit forged a legacy that taught us to give the best of ourselves to help others and make a better world.

Here are some of the thoughts shared by JCWO interns on how they have been inspired by the public health hero:

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