Jacinto Convit World Organization publishes a relevant study on a new breast cancer immunotherapy

Since its inception, the Jacinto Convit World Organization has strived to help the most vulnerable, be useful to others and work for humanity, by continuing to develop a breast cancer immunotherapy (vaccine) designed by Dr. Jacinto Convit during the last years of his life.

Based on the data presented by Dr. Convit in a proposal of a breast cancer immunotherapy published in the Venezuelan Medical Gazette in 2006, the Jacinto Convit World Organization and Fundación Jacinto Convit carried out an experimental protocol between 2015 and 2017, to validate the effectiveness of the immunotherapy in a murine model. Conviction, perseverance, persistence and teamwork proved to be the key in achieving this important challenge.

As a result of this titanic effort, the outcome of the validation of the vaccine proposed by Dr. Convit was published in the journal Oncotarget under the title “Autologous tumor cells/bacillus Calmette-Guérin/formalin-based novel breast cancer vaccine induces an immune antitumor response”, a major achievement of both Jacinto Convit World Organization and Fundación Jacinto Convit.

This research resulted in important findings: The vaccine induced a potent activation of the immune system in the treated mice; a possible establishment of immune memory was evidenced, a condition that reduces the probability of presenting metastasis during the course of the disease; significant reduction of tumor size, evidenced by an extensive tumor elimination, as well as a decrease in the percentage of immunosuppressive cells that undermine an efficient eradication of the tumor.

It is important to note that the antitumor immune response, low cost of production and ease of preparation, make this vaccine an excellent and accessible personalized treatment for breast cancer.

The Jacinto Convit World Organization is deeply grateful to all the institutions, collaborators and allied entities that believed in and supported this project to make it a reality today.

With the hope of being able to contribute to the welfare of humanity, the Jacinto Convit World Organization together with Fundación Jacinto Convit, are committed to advance to the next phases of the study, with the vision of performing clinical trials in the near future, to help a large number of people affected by this disease, as was the dream of Dr. Jacinto Convit.

“Autonomy, initiative and willingness to make an effort are required to evolve, as well as periodic evaluations to make sure that one is on the right path.”

Dr. Jacinto Convit

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