End of year bulletin:

Our journey in 2019

The Jacinto Convit World Organization (JCWO) is a U.S. non-profit organization founded in 2014 to contribute globally through scientific and educational programs, to specific areas of public health such as cancer and infectious diseases. The organization is named after Dr. Jacinto Convit, a renowned physician, scientist, and humanist, who impacted thousands worldwide with his studies and medical interventions for more than 70 years.

Inspired in Dr. Convit ́s principles of helping the most in need, being useful to others and working together to have a stronger society, we currently develop two programs that target the most underserved and underprivileged populations in developing countries: Cancer Immunotherapy and Molecular Diagnostics.

Main allies

We are deeply thankful for the continuous support of DLA Piper, Baker Mckenzie, and Camero & Co., who assist and assess our organization in corporate legal, intellectual property and accounting matters.

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Intern experience

This year we launched an internship program and recruited students from differents countries to provide them with opportunities in various disciplines such as language, health care, communications, and design. A total of 8 interns were benefited and the number is expected to increase in the coming months. We are proud of their excellent work and contributions to the organization.

Giving to our cause

JCWO is now validated by 15 fundraising and transparency organizations through which individuals can contribute to the development and execution of its programs. Anyone in any part of the world can access our profile through the most popular donating sites and support our work!

Combining therapies

In an effort to innovate by combining effective and last generation immunotherapies, we are proud to share our latest work “Evaluation of a ConvitVax/anti-PD-1 combined immunotherapy for breast cancer treatment”

Expanding the team

JCWO believes in the power of team work over individual efforts and the importance of a multidisciplinary team. We are thrilled to say that during 2019 we brought in new team members who potentiate the mission of the organization.

At the beginning of the year Dr. Jeismar Carballo joined the team as Scientific Officer and more recently was appointed Project Coordinator, with the main goal of enhancing the development of scientific projects and continue building collaborative networks throughout the world. She has been a key person in all efforts made by JCWO during the year.

An important achievement this year is the conformation of a team of Ad-Honorem Specialists who work with our staff for the preparation and execution of projects.

Testimony: humanist science

Our team had the exceptional opportunity to interview Dr. Francisco Kerdel-Vegas, a renowned physician, dermatologist, diplomat and professor, born in Venezuela, currently residing in Spain. Worked for more than 25 years with Dr. Convit in research and clinic on infectious diseases. Together they trained new generations of specialists and founded an NGO to promote and finance studies in neglected dermatologic diseases. 

“Convit became an icon of what a doctor should be as a human because he was a profoundly generous and detached man. He was able to do important things because he had no interest in money.”
Dr. Francisco Kerdel-Vegas

Our deepest gratitude goes to our allies, donors, collaborators, interns, staff and all the people who help us make this project a reality every day. We are committed to continue developing programs that can improve the lives of the most in need.

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