Our Team

Ana Federica Convit

Founder & President

Completed her undergraduate studies at Dickinson College, Pennsylvania. She was employed in the Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation in New York for eight years, in the areas of Private Banking and Foreign Exchange for institutional clients such as the central banks of several Latin American countries. Her commitment to Venezuela and her dedication to the work of her grandfather, Dr. Jacinto Convit, led her back to her country to engage in public service and work with her grandfather. In 2010, she founded a small non-profit organization for the Development of Cancer Immunotherapy (Asoinmunocáncer) to continue Dr. Convit’s research on a vaccine against this disease. At the same time, she obtained her Master’s degree in Public Management at Instituto de Estudios Superiores y Administración (IESA). In 2012, she founded Fundación Jacinto Convit (FJC), to preserve and continue Dr. Convit’s legacy, in addition to promoting and expanding his scientific research, educational and social projects. In 2014, she incorporated the JCWO in the United States, projecting the work of the local foundation at an international level. In 2015, she received the distinction as one of IESA’s 50 most influential alumni. In 2016, she inaugurated the Foundation’s headquarters, a non-profit Scientific Research Center that is at the service of public health, a project that was completed based on donations from all sectors of society, mainly local and multinational companies. To date, Ana Federica is author of several publications in peer-reviewed journals and databases (Genbank), in areas such as cancer immunotherapy, molecular diagnostics, and other subjects.

Contact: ana.f.convit@jacintoconvit.org

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