New Study on Breast Cancer

Jacinto Convit World Organization (JCWO) is pleased to announce the publication of their latest work u201c Evaluation of a ConvitVax/anti-PD-1 combined immunotherapy for breast cancer treatmentu201d in Oncotarget. Currently, the combination of immunotherapies for the treatment of cancer is a powerful and promising therapeutic strategy, with much exciting work ahead that can lead to stronger and more efficient treatments. JCWO and FJC are advancing to develop pioneer work in breast cancer treatment, combining effective and last generation immunotherapies that can provide new options for patients. In this work we combine for the first time Dr. Jacinto Convitu00b4s personalized breast cancer vaccine, ConvitVax, with the already commercialized checkpoint inhibitor anti-PD-1, in a murine model. The aim of this study was to further potentiate the anti-tumor effect of the ConvitVax in breast cancer. The results obtained strongly encourage us to continue pushing forward our efforts to develop the therapeutic vaccine and perform new cutting-edge studies on treatment combinations that may contribute in the future to a larger number of people affected by the disease.

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